Enjoy a Sip of Somewhere Else

Try teas and coffees from across the ocean

Brew a bold blend of beans from Vietnam or a tasty tea from Thailand. The selection of tea leaves and coffee beans at Around the World Market is worth all the tea in China- which we also have.

Come to the store to try our:

Melon, banana and soy milks | Passion fruit and mango juices | Coconut water and coconut milk | Ginger tea and ginger milk | Chocolate drinks

Shop with us today to see all these products and more with your own eyes.

Be your own barista at home

The tea kits we sell include filter cups. It's never been easier for you to brew a pot or just a cup of piping hot tea. Serving international teas from a variety of places can turn you into the preferred host whenever you get together with your friends.

We sell tea from Singapore, too, and we sell coffee from Italy and the Philippines. All of our coffees and teas come in bags and boxes that you can find on the shelf.

Drop by Around the World Market this week to stock your cabinets with some strong coffee.