Dinner Has Never Been So Delicious

We're reinventing your concept of noodles and pasta

A lot of low-carb diets might tell you not to eat pasta. Around the World Market offers a variety of noodles made from materials besides wheat flour that are even healthier for you. Stop by the shop to pick up rice noodles, bean threads, zucchini noodles or mung bean noodles.

The noodles we sell come from China, Vietnam and Thailand. You can also find spring rolls, noodle soup mixes and fancy ramen on our shelves. Make cooking easy with our containers that include both noodles and spices.

We stock all kinds of Italian pasta. We also sell Israeli couscous, a kind of toasted pasta that was developed in the 1950s when rice was scarce. Couscous can be served hot or cold.

Come check out our noodle selection now to find a tasty dish you can serve tonight.

Try our meat and fish main courses

Don't stress about what to cook for dinner tonight. Our selection of savory meats makes the decision easy. Our specialty right now is our Vietnamese fermented pork. We also sell a variety of poultry like Thai chicken and adobo chicken.

Our international seafood selection really shines. We sell:

Squid for calamari and salad | Saba mackerel to grill or eat raw | Swai fish to fillet and bake

Dine in tonight after you shop at Around the World Market for a delicious seafood dish.